Xue, Feng; Li, Fei; Zhang, Ke-Ming; Ding, Lufeng; Wang, Yang; Zhao, Xingtao; Xu, Fang; Zhang, Danke; Sun, Mingzhai; Lau, Pak-Ming; Zhu, Qingyuan; Zhou, Pengcheng; Bi, Guo-Qiang Source: National Science Review, v 11, n 1, January 1, 2024;


To investigate the circuit-level neural mechanisms of behavior, simultaneous imaging of neuronal activity in multiple cortical and subcortical regions is highly desired. Miniature head-mounted microscopes offer the capability of calcium imaging in freely behaving animals. However, implanting multiple microscopes on a mouse brain remains challenging due to space constraints and the cumbersome weight of the equipment. Here, we present TINIscope, a Tightly Integrated Neuronal Imaging microscope optimized for electronic and opto-mechanical design. With its compact and lightweight design of 0.43 g, TINIscope enables unprecedented simultaneous imaging of behavior-relevant activity in up to four brain regions in mice. Proof-of-concept experiments with TINIscope recorded over 1000 neurons in four hippocampal subregions and revealed concurrent activity patterns spanning across these regions. Moreover, we explored potential multi-modal experimental designs by integrating additional modules for optogenetics, electrical stimulation or local field potential recordings. Overall, TINIscope represents a timely and indispensable tool for studying the brain-wide interregional coordination that underlies unrestrained behaviors.

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